Nicolas Meunier

Accomplished athlete, veteran and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces team leader – Complete reconstruction of both knees and multiple injuries

A true hero of modern times, Nicolas Meunier’s journey led him to face many challenges that most would find impossible to overcome. By the nature of his job, he was involved in many missions in extreme conditions throughout the world.

Nicolas (“Nic”) was attracted to a job of action and dedication very early in his life. Just before 17 years old, he enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces for which he served for 21 years as an infantry specialist soldier and team leader for the Search and Rescue elite group. He has earned several merits from the Commander of the Canadian Armed Forces, the United Nations, NATO and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Throughout his career, Nic experienced many striking moments that have changed him forever. It was indeed during all his years of faithful and loyal service, when he worked hard for the cause of his country and in the hope of helping and saving many lives that he seriously injured himself several times. These injuries were not only physical but also mental. Among other things, Nic had to have full reconstruction of his both knees, ankle, left hand and several ribs. His lumbar discs and spine were damaged, half of his face removed and rebuilt; he lost more than half of his hearing capacity and his lungs were partially burned during a risky rescue mission at sea where he was able to save lives. Following this mission, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. In addition to his experiences in the Canadian Armed Forces, treatments for his cancer have affected his moral a lot, but as a true warrior, he has kept on the battle.

Today, thanks to his sports activities, Nic manages to pull through and maintain a healthy mental and physical balance. According to him, it is the best discipline to give oneself in order to not be influenced by his present and past challenges. In this spirit, he represents the Canadian team at the Invictus Games, as an athlete in archery, golf and wheelchair rugby. An initiative of Prince Harry, these games bring together since 2014 wounded or sick veterans of more than 17 nations.

Using Keeogo has provided Nic with greater autonomy in the pursuit of his new goals and sports activities. For him, finding out about Keeogo was revolutionary, as wheelchair ambulation was no longer the only option! His training days were extended and he can now participate in activities that he had abandoned due of his conditions. Using Keeogo, he wants to push the limits and demonstrate that the device can be used for a multitude of applications while making it suitable for as many people as possible.

“Having faced great challenges, sports activities allow me to pull though. Keeogo provides me with the energy to continue, because sport is the best therapy for mental health.”

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